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How to Buy a Domain Name for your Start Up?

With every passing day, there are more users on the internet than ever before. The scope of selling your services or products online is bigger than before now. These days it is imperative for any business to have an online presence even if it merely just a brief overview about your company and what you do. An online presence does wonders for your company since you can be easily looked up online!

To have a website you need to have a domain name where you will register your website. You can either buy a brand new domain which has not been registered before or you can purchase a domain which was previously owned.

  1. Buy a Brand New Domain

These are the domains which have not been registered by anyone before so you can have the first claim on them. You can use certain websites such as to find out whether if the domain is available or has been previously been registered by someone else.

To get brand new domain names, you can choose multiple sites. GoDaddy, Uniregistry and BlueHost are a few examples of places where you can hand register your personal domain yourself.

In terms of pricing, the domain name you choose will determine what it will cost you. There are certain domain names which are premium domain names since their domain authority is high. These domain names are the ones which rank high when being searched online on search engines. They also have keywords which are used organically by a lot of users thus this generates high web traffic for the site.

Thus you need to establish if the domain name you are buying is worth the price in terms of what kind of authority that particular domain name has. You can check the domain name’s authority on MozBar.


  1. Purchase Domain from Current Owner

Since all domain names are not available and may be registered by someone else, you can ask them whether they are interested in selling it or not. Sometimes, domain names are registered for the sole purpose of reselling them at a higher price when their value goes up. Other times private individuals have registered domains which they may not even use.

Here you can check availability:

For the latter, you can find out who owns the domain name by searching it up on, replace example with the domain name you want to purchase. You will find the information unless the owner has used privacy measures to hide their information.

Once you have their information, you can contact them and negotiate a price which is suitable for both of you. However, be warned, not everyone is willing to sell their domain!

  1. Purchase From a Domain Flipper

A domain flipper is usually a company or an individual who buy multiple domain names at a time with no intention of using them. The only reason they purchase these domains is to sell them to people in the future for a higher price than they bought them for.

The price of certain domains appreciates over time especially if their demand has increased. Thus these companies make a profit on this.

  1. Buy a Domain at a Domain Auction

Domains are usually bought for a certain period of time and if you do not make the payment before the end of this period your ownership expires and the domain is put back on the market. Thus you can purchase domain names through websites which have domain auctions.

GoDaddy is a popular place where domains are auctioned. Most popular domain selling websites have auctions for domains which have expired ownership. This is a great way to get a domain at a good price.